NGL Anonymous Q&A APK APK

NGL Anonymous Q&A APK 2022

App By:
1.4.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 23, 2022
41.5 MB
Required Android:
9.1 and up
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There are so many amazing things you can enjoy right now. There are thousands of apps available today for people who enjoy using various types of apps.

There are many apps available now so you don't have to do a lot of things to have fun. From games to NGL, there are so many options today for having fun.

If you use this app, you can ask questions in your Instagram so you can receive anonymous messages from anyone. This is a great app for curating Q&As and getting random opinions from everyone.

By using this app, you can ask them what they think of you without having to worry about their information being leaked. You won't know who wrote your answer using this app, which is why it is a great app to use. There are many fun apps available today, such as this one.

What is NGL Anonymous Q&A APK?

There are so many apps available today that you can use whenever you like. From games to education to navigation to entertainment, you can use an app anytime you want.

If you enjoy using your phone, there are many apps that you can download for free. Currently, there are many apps that work well with social media, and one of them is NGL. With this app, you can ask questions and get anonymous answers from your followers.

Getting unfiltered answers can give us a lot of information about ourselves. With this app, you can find out what others think of you, what secrets they must tell, and more.

This app will keep all your answers anonymous, so you will not know who shared your juice information with you. Everyone today needs this app, whether they are social media influencers or just regular people. You can use it now for free and enjoy the features it offers.

With this app, you can do a lot of question and answer sessions whenever you like. Download it now.


There are many incredible apps available for you to download, and one of them is NGL. You can use this app to ask questions and get anonymous answers.

Find answers

There are a lot of incredible apps available for you to download whenever you want. There are so many incredible apps available today if you're someone who loves using apps.

With a smartphone, you can do all kinds of incredible things today. There are tons of apps available for you to play whenever you want. You can ask questions on Instagram with NGL, one of the best.

There are many apps available today, but this one is free. It allows you to ask questions about anything on your Instagram account.

If you want to know who has a crush on you or what they think of you, you can ask them. Using this app, your followers can participate in your questions anonymously. This way, you won't know who answers your questions.

Ask many questions

With NGL, you can ask so many questions at any time you want. This is perfect for social media influencers, because they can find out what their followers think. This app allows you to ask questions like who has a crush on you, what people think of you, and more.

This app possesses many different possibilities, so you can ask anything you want right now. With this app, you can ask so many questions about yourself, your business, your brand, and more.

Anonymous answers

NGL allows you to receive anonymous answers to your questions. Your followers can answer any type of question you post anonymously, so you can post anything you like. Instead of just posting a normal post on Instagram, this app will be integrated into your post.

Following the link, your followers will give an anonymous reply to make things more interesting. Thus, you can get honest opinions from your followers without making them feel pressured. This enables you to spend more time on social media.

Share on Instagram

There are a lot of amazing things you can do with social media nowadays. By using NGL, you can share on Instagram various questions that you want your followers to answer.

As a result, you don't need to pressure your followers into directly answering your questions since they'll be able to do so anonymously.

Key Features:

  • Download for free
  • Free streaming
  • Registration is not required
  • Watch the best movies and shows
  • A simple and unbreakable connection
  • Performance of high quality
  • User-friendly interface


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